Recommendations for choosing UAM devices

When choosing models and additional options of UAM devices, you should be guided by the requirements of
technical and design documentation, take into account the specific application conditions
of the devices:
• It is necessary to choose a device with such a measuring range that the operating
range of measured system pressures was in the range from 25% to 75% of the
• For work in open areas, it is necessary to choose devices with a higher degree of environmental protection. To work in difficult climatic conditions, it is necessary to choose UAM devices with the appropriate climatic version according to GOST15150-69;
• In areas of high vibration, it is recommended to choose devices with increased
vibration resistance;
• When measuring the pressure of aggressive media, it is necessary to use
corrosion-resistant versions.

Degree of protection of the UAM device case

The degree of protection of the UAM devices’ casing against environmental influences meets the requirements of DSTU EN 60529.
The degree of protection of the casing is indicated on the dial:

IPThe value of protected equipment
IP 40Protected against dust with a diameter of more than 1 mm, not protected against moisture.
IP 53Dust-proof, protected from harmful water in the form of sprinkling.
IP 54Dustproof, protected from harmful water in the form of continuous spraying.
IP 63Dustproof, protected from harmful water flow, protected from harmful effects.

Ratio of pressure units