Siphon outlet tube


The Perkins tube (siphon tube) is designed to cool the measured medium at the point of contact between the pressure gauge and the process system, as well as to connect the instrument to the pipeline. This device is designed to protect the pressure gauge from the pressure of the medium in the pipeline. The pressure gauge is protected against pulsation of the measured medium and hydraulic shock by means of a pressure relief tube. Removing the gauges from the pipeline with hot medium protects the gauges from high heat.


Body material: steel, stainless steel*;

Inner ring diameter: 90mm

Tube diameter: 15 mm


Thread Standard pressure

Distance to the centre of the ring



G1/2 -М20х1,5*

1,6 MPa=16 bar=16 kgs/сm2

      190 мм

Corner М20х1,5-G1/2

G1/2 -М20х1,5*

1,6 MPа=16 bар=16 kgs/сm2


*Special version

Operation at temperatures from -50 to +60°C

Maximum temperature of the measured environment up to 150°C