Pressure gauge UAM MP3-U2 (ECO)


Pressure gauges MP3-U2 (ECO) are designed to measure the overpressure of gas and water and are used in heat supply systems, water supply, heating devices, steam and water boilers. The measured medium must be non-aggressive towards copper alloys.

Pressure gauges of this model are recommended for the housing and utilities sector.


Case material: steel

Measuring element material: copper alloy

Glass: organic

The gauges can operate at temperature -50°C to + 60°C

Diameter size, mm Accuracy class Measuring range Degree of protection (IP) Thread


MP3-U2 Eco

100 1,5 0,4; 0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5; 4,0. ІР40 М20х1,5



This model of pressure gauge is manufactured with a lightweight construction with a Bourdon tube and is adjusted/calibrated by means of a “squeezing” rod. Economy version pressure gauges are available with a limited pressure range (0.4; 0.6; 1.0; 1.6; 2.5; 4.0 MPa) and a single accuracy class (1.5), which allows you to achieve the best price-quality ratio.


An example of an order: Pressure gauge MP3-U2 (0.6, MPa, a.c. 1.5, G1/2, IP40, Bottom, E)


Additional information


Bottom (Radial)

Diameter, mm


Case material



G1/2, M20x1,5

Degree of protection


Measuring range, MPa

from 0 to 0.4, from 0 to 0.6, from 0 to 1.0, from 0 to 1.6, from 0 to 2.5, from 0 to 4

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